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Instruction Plan 1 Title: Down and Up    Unit 1 Topic: interpretation and Giving Opinions
Subject: English I (F21101)         Grade 7 level        Time: 3 hours
Standard   F1.1:                
Understanding of and capacity to interpret what has been heard and read from various types of media, and ability to express opinions with proper reasoning
Grade level indicators Grade 7/1
                        Act in compliance with orders requests, instructions and simple explanations heard and read.
Main point
Capability in using orders requests either affirmative or negative sentences that had been meaning to self, friends, school and around people correctly that pass language skills practice process for communication. That emphasize practice to be integration of skills; speaking, listening, reading, and writing mix together it make candidate bring to adapt for using in real life confidently and have manner every situation.
Strand of Learning
1. Orders requests instructions either affirmative or negative sentences that had been meaning to self, friends, school and around people correctly such as Look at the.... / here/ over there./ Say it again/ Read and draw./ Put a/ an... in/ on/ under...../ Go to the winder open it./ Take out the book, open on page 17 and read it. Etc.
2. Using Can/ Could/ Please in request sentences such as please look up the meaning in a dictionary./ look up the meaning in a dictionary, please./ Can/ Could you help me, please?/ Excuse me, could you....? etc.
Vocabulary: clap hop shake turn borrow
Orders, affirmative and negative sentences pattern:  
V or V + Obj. / Don’t + V or Don’t + V + Obj.
Request sentences       (Affirmative):  
please + V + Obj. Or V + Obj. + please.
 Can/ Could + you + V +Obj. + please?
Skills / Procedure
Language practice process for communication that emphasize practice to be integration of skills; speaking, listening, reading, and writing mix together.
1. Have confidence in using English language for communication.
2. Use English language politely manner, appropriate situation and people.
                Using order and request sentences of Thai language, Design action of Health and Physical education and drawing picture follow order sentences of Arts education.
1.  Capability in communication sing and communicate to be act and draw picture.
2.  Capability in thinking.
2.1. Analysis thinking for classify of words.
2.2. Thinking for decided in using reason.
2.3. Thinking for adapt instead simple syllable verb think/action.
2.4. Thinking in to concept of drawing picture follow sentence that heard and summery learning.
                Works / Tasks
1. Group work write, song and act.
2. Individual works speak, write, draw, action follow orders, requests, instructions and explanations.
3. Individual works write orders requests affirmative and negative sentences mix into structures sentence in notebook.
Grade level indicators
1.        Grade level indicators F 1.1 Grade 7/1 Act in compliance with orders requests, instructions and simple explanations heard and read.

1.               Survey of practice
2.               Check work of drawing picture follow order request sentence
1.               Check form
2.               Check work form
Process of learning
1. Warm up
1.1. Student listen repeat down and up song and sing while student listen teacher act follow song.
Down and up song
Down and up and clap, clap, clap,
Down and up and clap, clap, clap,
We clap to the left and we clap to the right
Turn around and clap, clap, clap, (walk, nod, hop, shake.......etc.)
1.2. Teacher point vocabulary in that song, students repeat and act or tell meaning of words.
1.3. Student song and act follow teacher.
1.4. Student each group brainstorm for find another word instead of word in song and act or draw.
2. Presentation

2.1. Teacher teach sentence including affirmative and negative sentence student repeat such as stand up, Turn left, Turn back, Turn around. Point to the window. Sit down.
Don’t sleep in the classroom. Don’t eat food in the classroom. Don’t draw cartoons in the book.
2.2. Teacher show sentences card to student read summery meaning and note in notebook.
2.3. Teacher pronoun request sentences and show sentence card to student repeat.
T: Can/could you tell me your nickname, please?
S: My nick name is “Tee”.
T: can/could you close the window, please?
S: yes, I’ll do now.
T: can/could I borrow your pen, please?
S: Yes. Here you are.
    2.4 Teacher summery using can/could and please for show polite request then student note into notebook.
3. Practice
3.1 Students pair work then talk about order and request sentence then act follow sentences.
3.2 Need to volunteer front off class for speak order and request sentences for friend practice.
3.3 Students draw picture order and request.
4. Production
4.1 Student present their song and act follow song that each group new create.
4.2 Student brings another word in song or another picture for presentation.
4.3 Student math picture and order sentence that teacher put on the table and then close on the board for check in correct.
5. Wrap up
5.1 Play game “ Simon say”
5.2 Give student to make exercise that write.
Materials for learning
1. Lyrics song
2. Order request sentence card include affirmative and nagative
3. Picture card and sentence card for matching
4. Exercise sheet
5. VCD or DVD player
6. Text sign of places such as drain station under read way station theater label etc.
Report after learning
1. Effect of learning.
2.  Problem
Check list form
      Check list    report

Check list
Immediately make
Confuse before
Make correctly
Can’t make
Don’t pass
1.               Order
Open the book
to page 15. 
2.               order stand up
3.               order sit down
4.               order point to the door
5.               Request could I borrow your pen, please?
6.               Request could you tell me your nickname, please?
7.               Order closes the window, please.
8.               Orders spell the word “clap”, please.

Criterion for give to quality score work
  Score level
Main Points


Correct complete of task
Well correct complete task
Correct complete in task

Few correct complete task
Little correctly completely in task

Creative of thinking
Good strange in task
Middle of strange in task
Few strange
In task
Not enough
Of new strange in task

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