Sunday, February 27, 2011

News Favouary28, 2011

       President carefree UDD. To the World Court knot nationality (I NN).
อภิสิทธิ์ เวชชาชีวะThe Prime Minister is not worried about Npc. The issue of nationality of their own. Point to the UNESCO World Court has a better understanding. Despite the likely drop plans 46 sq km area.

Vejjajiva, Mr Prime Minister, said the group does not worry Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship or Npc. To bring the issue of their own nationality to World Court. The Board of Directors elections. Also clarified that no problem with everything is legal. The reiterated that at UDD group. Trying to find a way to bring this matter to the World Court. Including cases with 91 deaths during the funeral political rally ever with.

The prime minister also mentioned the case of UNESCO are likely to delay the planned area of 4.6 square kilometers managed by UNESCO as a better understanding. And do not want to have a problem. UNESCO, which must be met with Cambodia Cambodia and Thailand to discuss the matter first. Prior to the World Heritage Committee. Management plan for the area of 4.6 square kilometers. Around Preah Vihear. The areas of Cambodia to take the helm together with While assisting Mr. Wira equation thought leaders network of Thai people patriotic heart, and Ms. Na Paiboon Pipat night. To file a pardon to the king of Cambodia, it It depends on the decision of Mr and Miss Vira Ratri and the families of the two people that it will do what. The government is a facilitator in the document.

Last Minute taped prime minister believes Thailand's list. Vegetable oil factory emerald Red Shirts with over 30 people shouting outside yell away. And throwing objects to enter the train passed.

When a moment ago, Mr Prime Minister Vejjajiva travel to plant oil emerald Samutprakarn. With a list taped to the Prime Minister has confidence in Thailand by the Prime Minister was walking privileged review process, distillation of crude palm oil factories emerald The period is only 10 minutes, while at the factory entrance. Away from the factory about 300 meters of the train route through the Prime Minister. Red Shirts are more than 30 people stood along the route through With yell yell away. And throwing objects, like plastic water bottles and shoes, while the train passed by the Prime Minister, however, over 60 police officers tried to prevent the demonstrators created a chaotic situation fully.

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