Sunday, January 30, 2011

Biodiesel with waste oil from the community.

       Bring waste oil from households or the community. Used to produce bio-diesel as an alternative to the community. Can be done or not. It was a little thought and to follow. After listening to lectures and see how the production. Luk Oil biodiesel. Natural Farming Training Centre Wat Pa Yang, Muang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat province, with his favorite Art Road as a guest speaker to educate and demonstrate how to produce all the steps until ready to use biodiesel. And use of vehicles with the temple then. His favorite addition is the ability to make oil and biodiesel. You also have the ability to make bio-gas from manure or food waste for use as an alternative energy more attractive option.

       Process of biodiesel production. Typical of the H Sun Chuen Road from Agricultural Training Center Natural Wat Pa Yang, Muang, Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Materials to be used
1. Fuel used by households or the community

2. Caustic soda
3. Wines. Or ethyl alcohol

4. Boiler fuel.
5. Furnace oil.

6 mixing oil
7. Cylinder oil purifier

8. Tanks oil

Production process
1. Collect waste oil collected from households at all. Put pot set on fire. Boil hard for the fat to melt out in oil. The boiling temperature of about 65-70 degrees Celsius (without thermometer. Dip your finger in boiling oil on the fire in my heart if the 1-10 inch in oil also showed that the temperature obtainable) takes about 20-30 minutes cooking.
2. The separation of oil from the fat (glycerides).
Preparation of solution used to separate oil from fat Using alcohol or methyl alcohol Eight Thing. At the one time of 100 kg mixed with 3 kg of sodium hydroxide.
Oil to prepare the first steps out of the pot. Separate tank to put 5 parts fatty oil mixed with a solution in accordance with Article 2.1 of the stick stir ingredients together and place the 48-hour leave dirt, fats and other waste will sink to the bottom tank. The rest of the oil floating on top.
3. For cleaning oil
The oil floats to the top plate to put under Clause 2.2 cleaning oil tanks with the water to 1 part in 4 parts put on hold for about 30 minutes to separate the oil from water. Chemical waste deposited by water. If the bottom of the tank water drains. Release of water from the tank bottom. The remaining portion of the oil. If the tank without the tank bottom drain hose is used to suck the fuel tank completely out of the mouth.
4. Chasing moisture or water from biodiesel.
Used oil collected at three steps to put pot boiling away moisture out the air bubbles in oil. This range of temperatures to 150 ° C completed the process away moisture to keep oil available.
5. Testing the cleanliness of oil production.
The oil from Step 4 of 4 parts water mixed with 1 part water, shake the bottle well. Place while water and oil separation. Notice the water below the oil If the water looks like clear water filled and shook. Show that the oil we produce cleaner available. If the water is below the opaque color. Show that there are some chemical additives on the back to make new Step 3 and step 4 again, it will be ready to use biodiesel. No fat clog fuel injectors and engine filters, as many people to understand and be suspicious of it ...........

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