Monday, January 31, 2011

Students are ping-pong bomb wounded 10 people

       Officials to expedite student organized Science School Khu Khot, Amphoe Lam Luk Ka, Pathum Thani province for 10 people to hospital B. Care. After the flak while tennis school on this evening (31 January) of these students because it is a coma three flak face and body.

       Police investigate that. This event occurs when a child in Grade 5, one has the blast that claimed that tennis is taken from the senior secondary school three years to empty the trash, but the ground OK. Force of the explosion and the ground is broken cement is about 10 cm wide, Director of Science School rules, said Mr. Ball (fictional name) High School Students, 3 / 4 led Raebidkhyd flat packed gunpowder into the school. and deposited with the Dc. Bing (fictional name), Grad Students 5 / 3 as class Dc. Bing was brought out to play and then go bankrupt The outbreak is now under police investigation of the explosion.

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